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Why Translation Matters?

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According to a report issued by the University Of Pennsylvania Department Of Linguistics, on 2007, there are approximately 6,900 official living languages in the world today. Language translation and interpreting industry has grown over the years and become very crucial and demanding business. The need for quality translation services has increased globally.

The importance of translation indicates a shared act of understanding a context and conveying it to another language and culture. Language translation is not a simple process of translating word by word and using a dictionary, but it requires a lot of cultural awareness and understanding to be able to express the meaning just like a native speaker would do. In language translations, meanings are expressed differently, depending on what language you are translating and the location that they are used. Translation is not a word-translation job, but much more. Knowledge of how to express that meaning properly in a language of different culture, different customs, values, and conventions is necessary for a translation to be performed properly.

As communication plays vital role in all international business sectors, translation is the necessary instrument to make communication quicker and more efficiently. Breakdown in communication might not only to loss of billions of dollars but also to loss of opportunities.

For examples:

Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC

In Chinese, the Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan “finger-lickin’ good” came out with a different meaning as “eat your fingers off.”

–  The Comma That Costs 1 Million Dollars (Canadian)

The dispute between Rogers Communications of Toronto, Canada’s largest cable television provider, and a telephone company in Atlantic Canada, Bell Aliant, is over the phone company’s attempt to cancel a contract governing Rogers’ use of telephone poles. But the argument turns on a single comma in the 14-page contract. The answer is worth 1 million Canadian dollars.

Having an incorrect and sometimes inappropriate slogan or catch phrase will not only ruin a company’s reputation, but it can also cause loss of potential sales and revenue. This is one of our points, the issues and perceptions on cultural misunderstandings. This emphasizes the need for businesses to adopt different tactics when selling in a global marketplace. Therefore, global companies and organizations need to adapt to the culture of the particular region where they want to do business. Remember, inaccurate translation can change the meaning of intended message and has negative impact on the business. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your business globally, it is important to identify and collaborate with a company that can provide you with accurate language translation services.

Every day we interact and play our part in the global economy, from the food we eat, the cars we drive and the technology we use, translations has become a way of life. Thus, the need and importance of good quality translation can make one’s words understandable to others. So, translation is making easier for everyone to understand people of other communities at the other end of the world. It is connecting them more easily and effectively.

We at Dr. Sultan Translations offer fast, reliable and affordable service to help businesses communicate globally. Therefore, we have established great connections and business relations among professionals and licensed experts in the industry, which supply us with consistent information. It is among one of the top reasons why we have delivered quality-translated documents, sites and books.

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