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The technology industry is the fastest growing industry in the world today. A huge percentage of our business comes from organizations that operate within the information technology sector. Technical Translation Services are necessary for company in the international markets to make sure that their product or service is translated perfectly to connect with their target audience.

Technical translation can be daunting especially when the same word or phrase can be easily misinterpreted in another language. It’s not hard to imagine the consequences of what could happen when well-known multi-national firms like Bacardi have slipped up by advertising one of their drinks as ‘Pavian’, to suggest French chic, but which actually means baboon in Germany.

This is why we only work with experienced technical translators who know your field inside out and are experts in getting your document word perfect every time.

Our translation team not only has the required translation skills but also has the accurate technical understanding and experience to accomplish the work. We, Dr. Sultan Translations ensure that new concepts and terminology are accurately translated for your specific target markets and end-users.

Dr. Sultan Translations’ services are:

  • Mobile technology
  • E-learning modules
  • Hardware
  • Software localization
  • Software applications
  • Multimedia
  • Online help
  • Product information
  • Technical documentation
  • Telecommunication documentation
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