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Finance and Banking

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Our financial translators at Dr. Sultan Translations have worked with some of the world’s most successful financial companies and investment banks and have a comprehensive understanding of your sector’s needs. We, Dr. Sultan Translations only work with the most experienced financial translators who specialize in banking, accounting, finance and international investment and know exactly how to interpret your firm’s needs. We, Dr. Sultan Translations take vetting seriously and ensure that financial translators are carefully checked for their knowledge and experience.

Our skilled financial team have proven expertise in key areas like financial statements, reports, records and other banking documents, where even the smallest errors can lead to huge penalties. Our translators have experience translating a wide variety of financial documents.

Some examples of past translation projects include:

  • Banking Documents
  • Cash Flow Documents
  • Collection Letters
  • Dispute Letters
  • Finance Balance Sheets
  • Financial Records
  • Income Statement
  • Inventory Documents
  • Loan Documents
  • Mutual Fund Statements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Stock Option Agreements
  • Tax Planning Documents
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