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Education and Training

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Education and training translation service is a complex industry; it covers from education programs, materials, online training and e-learning websites to interactive learning software and course materials translation to textbooks translation.

Education and training can have a big effect on both businesses and people in general.

For a company which operates globally, it is necessary to make sure that all information of your program are translated and localized for your target audience.

At Dr. Sultan Translations, we recognize the importance of creating and implementing effective and creative e-Learning and training programs. If the language and context are not accurate as it should be, the time and money you have invested in developing a training program will be a loss.

Translation services for the training and education industry includes:

  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • Testing Materials
  • Guide Books
  • Education Program Resources
  • Education Reports
  • Training Programs
  • Student Materials
  • Teacher Materials
  • Admissions Related Materials
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