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Quality Assurance Policy

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Documents are processed via series of stages to ensure providing the highest Quality Standards.

1. Building translation team

For each project, we will pick up a group of the best translators and reviewers in the market. All of them are native in target language. They will be selected according to the subject and complexity of the project.

2. Project Review

The Project Manager (PM) completes a review of the overall scope of the project: timeline, inventory of files, glossaries (if applicable), and final file delivery.

3. Building Project’s Translation Memory

The translation team leader discusses the project with other translators in order to build a unified Translation Memory to be used all over the project.

4. Translation

At this stage, the Project Manager places the translation with an appropriately qualified and experienced target language translator, based on the content and translator’s subject matter expertise. We use translators who are native speakers of the target language. Translators should have at least 10 years of experience in the same field.

5. Proofreading

All initial translations are reviewed by a second, equally qualified, professional translator/proofreader to ensure the quality of the translation. Proofreaders should have at least 15 years of experience in the same field.

6. Review (Arabic and Final Review, Management Review and Clients Review)

Once the proofreader has reviewed the initial translation, he incorporates the comments and submits them to the original translator. Then, the original translator will use his discretion to accept or reject the suggested changes.

7. Editing and Applying comments or client remarks

A native speaker linguist will inspect the translated text for grammatical, spelling or style errors.

8. IT Processing                   

After we have finished formatting your material, we will produce a mechanical proof to determine that: The layout matches the source language document, the correct fonts have been used, the headers and footers are consistent with the source language document, proper names are spelled correctly, the pagination matches the source document and the text flows correctly, all source language updates have been incorporated, margins, graphics and positioning are correct.

9. Final Management Approval and Quality Control

Our Project Manager will gather all the final deliverables, verifying that they meet your original specifications. He will make sure that the layout, page numbers, proper names and other details match your source document one last time.

10. Delivery and completion

Our delivery schedule depends on the volume of material we are translating and the timeline we discussed with you during the project review. We can guarantee a specific delivery date if you discuss this with us upfront.

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